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• Includes 3 pairs (BLACK)

• Superior audio experience
• Stay-in-ear fit
• Blocks noise
• Amazing comfort

T-200 Comply Isolation Memory Foam eartips

SKU: TQ10001700
  • Superior chemistry: Comply foam tips use a specially developed foam chemistry that provides optimal performance. Unlike other foams, Comply foam is hydrophilic, meaning that is does not swell or lose its recovery properties when it gets wet.

    Industry best sound isolation: Comply Foam Tips can provide 5-10 dB more noise isolation than inexpensive foam tips. They use the same world-leading foam technology that Comply puts into its high-end military communication products.

    Long lasting comfort: Comply Foam Tips soften when exposed to body heat allowing them to stay extremely comfortable even during extended use. Other foam tips exert as much as 50% more pressure on the ear canal causing soreness and fatigue after only a few minutes. Comply Foam Tips also do not cause an itchy or slimy feeling like cheaper foams can.

    Consistent Performance: Comply Foam Tips are manufactured to high standards. The foam properties are carefully controlled including:
    Recovery time – the ideal recovery time for foam tips is 15-30 seconds. This allows time for the user to insert the tips and get a secure, consistent seal.

    Tolerances: Comply holds exacting tolerances on the materials and construction of Comply Foam Tips. Rigorous engineering tests are performed to ensure adequate retention of the Tips onto each earphone, reducing any liability associated with tips being left in the users ear.

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