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the torque team was assembled to find a solution. a solution to an issue that we had seen come up again and again— one headphone might sound fantastic to one user but lousy to another. we carefully reviewed and tested the high-performance headphones available on the market and reviewed the opinions logged in at online retailers, blogs and review sites.our conclusions matched the consensus of consumers.

“In a very crowded, celebrity-saturated 
area of the music accessory market,
Torque is carving out a place in the
grounds of in-ear audio innovation.”


headphones needed to be more flexible, and adapt more readily to a user’s needs. our designers and engineers here in los angeles, california came up with a solution that meets the needs of premium headphone consumers and revolutionizes the industry: Passive Acoustic Valve Technology™ (PAVT). whether handling jazz or hiphop, rock or classical, a torque headphone is a one-headphone, all-ear solution that transcends genre. our audio products focus on quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and an unconventional acoustic approach that empowers the consumer

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